Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Palestinan Condition

While news of Nablus surfaced that it had become a "closed military zone" something more insidious became apparent about the occupation. One of the friends of a Palestinian resident of our squat who we had hung out with and had drinks with on other occasions (around 21-23 yrs old) tried to kill himself by jumping out of his 3 story window.
The end result was that he broke through the glass, seriously cutting himself and crashed to the ground below. He didn't die, but he was really messed up. We saw him after he had gone to the hospital and had escaped before police came. (he came straight to our squat afterwards) He is an undocumented Palestinian from Ramallah and was worried that he would be imprisoned for a while. He had gashes all over his body and it look like he had broken his arm. His friends at the squat are really depressed about it and have been keeping him at the squat so at to keep an eye on him and to make sure he doesn't try again. From the little English the Palestinians at our squat speak, we ascertained that he was super depressed over living off the grid here (with fear of police and with little prospects) and also sad about his family in occupied West Bank. As of now he has just sorta been sitting still and quiet. Not even the new kittens and puppies at the squat have cheered him up.

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  1. Your reporting makes it all very real.
    Love - Mom