Sunday, May 31, 2009


We found out that there will be a big Anarchist protest on Tuesday near Exarchia about the elections (we are really excited about going). The conservative New Democracy Party and its moderate/liberal rivals PASOK (Panhellenic Socialist movement) dominate elections in Greece and people are pushing for a major shift in thinking. Families such as the Karamanlis family[ND] (the current president is the nephew of the former president) and the Papandreou family[PASOK] (the head of the party (Georgios) is the son of the former head (andreas) who himself was the son of the former head (Georgios sr.) There are giant posters about the protest all over the city, but we couldn't read/understand them before this morning.
There is a Greek joke that is as follows: "A Greek person finds a Genie and the Genie grants one wish. The Greek says, 'I want to speak to my dead mother that I haven't seen in a while and I miss.' The Genie says, 'Im not sure I can grant that there anything else that you want?'.. The Greek thinks for a while and says 'Can you make the Greek Leftist parties work together?'.... The Genie replies 'What were you saying about your mother?'

Today's plans include finding paint and soil for the squat to setup rooms for Palestinian refugee families and to start a garden on the roof.

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