Saturday, May 30, 2009

small updates

We just sailed back from the Greek island of Agistra. It was beautiful and we spent the night there. Unfortunately, one of our crew, Andy, fell and sprained his leg. There was no doctor on the island and the firemen refused to pick him up in their vehicles, so we had to walk across the island and track down the only taxi. Hes back at the squat now and all is fine.

Squat News: A meeting at the squat a few days ago decided to invite 3 palestinian widows and their families into the squat. This means that rooms will need to be fixed up and painted. Beds need to be found, and in general we can be put to work for a really noble cause. There are already 3 Palestinian men who live at the squat and they have been talking to us about their experiences there and teaching us rudimentary Arabic.

Athens Radical News: A bunch of Fascists gathered in downtown Athens on Friday to mark the May 29, 1453, fall of Constantinople. Needless to say Muslim immigrants and Antifa was out in force. We missed it, but I was told that police presence was fierce. Some racists in a separate incident also ignited a gas canaster and threw it through a window of an Athens store that also doubles as a prayer center for Muslims. Things are really tense here regarding immigration and fascists right now.

Keeping you all informed!

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